Why do I post it on the internet?           



       I  post my MIDI music on the internet because I can't really find much else to do with it, not that I'm hunting that hard.  I can't

bat zero.  Someone, somewhere is going to like some of this, so I'm trying to get it to them.

       If I wanted to spend a young fortune submitting and auditioning this music everywhere that I could find to submit it; if I wanted to

risk big bucks again and again to get it heard, and to spend enormous amounts of my time in the process, and agree to demanding

contracts I then had to fulfill, I'm sure that I could be more famous than I am , and maybe even make some money with this music,

but it just isn't worth the hassle.  The chance of a big payoff is extremely small, and the demand for an enormous investment is certain.

      This website is costing me about  $70  a year, and yes, I confess, quite a bit of my time, but at my convenience, without deadlines.

It has answered over 372,000 page requests in ten months' time, from every continent and a number of islands.  I've logged visits from

108 different nations and a couple of remote American Territories, much to my satisfaction.  

     The time I've spent building the site went mainly to organizing and refining the material  itself,  thus sparing me a lot of expensive 

travel, the tedium of endless sales pitches, and roll after roll of postage stamps which probably would have netted me a hundred times their

weight in  rejection slips.   Why wear myself  out getting my pride hurt, when I can so inexpensively share it all with you here, and create a

situation for both of us?