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   -- Links To Other MIDI Composers' Sites --  

        Making up music from one's imagination is a whole different ball game than writing down music created by others.  There's a set of problems that has to be overcome  in order to create music, and one has to cultivate the requisite confidence to fly in the face of those problems.  It's an ongoing struggle, because as the composer learns more music, he also learns what he should be doing better, and it all turns into a mountain of work.

For your further enjoyment, I'm providing the list of links below; they go to the websites or web pages of other MIDI composers who take composition seriously and have the confidence to create music.

           Jalal Ali (Syria)                                                Jalal's music is peaceful and soothing.  He seems pretty happy to make music.

           Mikhail Alkhutov (Russia)                     A doctor who plays piano and writes jazz.

             Rod Anderson (Canada)                         Some forays into dissonance.  Not conventional stuff, but interesting.

             Charles Belfor (Nederland)                     A young Dutch cellist who knows how an orchestra sounds.

             Philip Bradbury (USA)                            I don't have much information about PT Bradbury.  The music's good, though.

             Sandra Bradley (USA)                            
 Her music is definitely worth hearing; she communicates much.  

             Troy S. Carlson (USA)   
Also here.          Energetic nusic by an energetic (and talented) composer.   

             Brian Dill (USA)                                        Lots of ideas here, many of them essentially choral.  Plenty of drums.  

             Roberto DiMarino (Italy)                       A music professor who writes excellent classical and some jazz compositions.

             Olle Johanssen (Sweden)                         Jazzy stuff. Thoroughly enjoyable, to my ear.

             Jarmo Lahtiranta (Finland)                    This percussionist likes vibraphones, complexities in the bass range, and timing.

             Bjorn Lynne (Norway)                            Bjorn Lynne is a professional musician.   Very good stuff here.

             T. J. Moir (New Zealand)                        Much material, strong classical influence, very pretty stuff, unless it's wierd.

             Gyula Oldal (Hungary)                           Powerful, remarkable music you really ought to hear.

             Donya Quick (USA)                                Donya Quick is a gifted musician. There's no other way to put it.

             David Rubenstein (USA)                         Several different sections of thoughtfully-constructed music by a skilled amateur.

             Vic Sagerquist (USA)                              Vic Sagerquist is an educated professional composer.  He knows how to do it.

             Vsevolod Shcherbakov (Russia)   and  also;        Two pages.  Good stuff.

             Christel Vinot (USA)                              This gifted young lady does very good things with MIDI.  What is it with cellists?

             Ronald Zaalberg (Nederland)                  Strong and modern-sounding music.  Uses MIDI to plenty of advantage.

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