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-- New in 2010 --

This site has been extensively redesigned, with new navigation bars, redesigned menus, reassignment of the individual MIDI file pages to the role of "something to look at while the file plays, but only if you want to," and the addition of three dozen MP3 files which don't depend on the MIDI hardware in  your computer for the way they sound.

   -- New in 2006 --

                                    A  pretty short menu.     I've written two new compositions and rewritten four old ones.

New:    Windchime Daydream , written, while she was still alive,  for Barb Johnson --- because her wind chime made me do it.
New:      Marching To Kashgar ; a musical "United Nations" with elements from all over Asia.
Redone:   Strongheart , a modified minor blues with a Latin beat that's pretty insistent..
Redone:   Six Rocks , a chant with a bassy countermelody.
Redone:   Start Work , a jazz piece with a long chord progression that seems to have come from a spirograph.
Redone:   Oh, Nadine , a sort of '50's tune with a wild melody that's all over the place..