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   About Me
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My real name is Ed Hargadine.    I was born Jan. 19, 1943, in Portland, Oregon.  I live in Skamania County, Washington, about 50 miles East of Portland,  in the famously scenic Columbia River Gorge, where the river cuts through the CascadeMountains.    I have a BA degree in Psychology that I have never used for employment;  my career was spent as a plumber.    I have played fretted instruments for 57 years, having started that practice when I was just ten years old.   I also played woodwinds in my high school's band, and sang in the choir, so music was a pretty important part of my early life.  The house I live in today is the same house I was born into.

On September 3, 1989, I had an accident while operating a table saw and cut all five fingers of my left hand, resulting in a couple of amputations, 44 stitches, and grafted nerves in two of my fingers.   At the time, I greatly feared that I might never play the guitar again, but I am happy to say that today, some 21 years beyond that setback,  I have more than recovered my ability, and can honestly be said to play better now than I did when I had all my fingers.  There are some chords I can't play, but I do have all the major and minor chords, and I can usually find some workaround which compensates for what's not  possible.   Always remember to work with whatever you have left.  

I also took up MIDI while I was struggling with my lack of fingers.   MIDI doesn't
 require many fingers at all; just a couple for clicking a mouse.