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-- Wind Chime Daydream --

My friend Barb Johnson has a wind chime.   I believe, based on its appearance and tuning, that it's one of Garry Kvistad's Woodstock    Chimes®, the one he calls "Chimes of Olympos."   It is definitely tuned to the pentatonic  Olympos Enharmonic  mode of the ancient Greeks.       I  wrote down the intervals once when I was visiting Barb, then came home and looked it up.   I was itching to write a piece of music around the sound of that chime.   By adding two notes to the Olympos Enharmonic scale, to serve as the 3rd and 7th steps of a diatonic scale, I arrived at a Phrygian mode scale.    The 3rd and 7th are used very sparingly, and accidentals are few in number.

To play a Phrygian mode scale on a piano, you just go from one E to the next on the white keys.    If you leave out the G and the D, that's an Olympos Enharmonic scale. (EFABCE)   Barb's chime is tuned to D Olympos Enharmonic , but I transposed it up a whole tone for the other instruments.  (No sharps or flats in the key signature.)

Key: E Phrygian Mode        Time signature: 4/4         Tempo: 100        Length: 94 measures        Time: 3 minutes, 50 seconds

Instruments: Wind Chime, Harp, Voice "Oohs", Sitar, 2 Alto Saxes. 2 French Horns, Clavinet, Synth Bass, and Drums

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Wind Chime Daydream

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