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-- Willow Goldfinch --

This little fellow, the Washington State bird, is twittering around through the alders, singing his happy song with others of his kind,

and it's a strange little scale he uses, too. The patch for the melody is "English Horn," written higher than English horns can play.

One could probably build a very small oboe with the same nearly spherical chamber on the reed side of a super-small conical bore that

would sound in this range, but whether this sound could be duplicated with a real acoustic instrument is untried, and likely to remain so.

Key:  B       Time signature: 4/4      Tempo: 120       Length: 144 measures      Time: 4 minutes, 52 seconds

Instruments:  "Bird" (English Horn Patch out of range,) Rhodes Piano, Slap Bass, and Tom Toms

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Willow Goldfinch

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