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-- Whiz Kid --

The image here is a twelve-year-old boy wonder such as Stevie once was, seated at the organ, rocking out with the help of the rhythm-and-

blues combo programmed into my Yamaha PSS-480 autochord keyboard.    I MIDI-recorded the way that the auto-accompaniment

ensemble in the keyboard played I-IV-V changes, then manually went through that MIDI recording to part it out to is component

instruments, each of which went to its own track in my MIDI file.     The "style" selection was style 32 on that keyboard, which is named

"swing organ." So after that, I had proof of what the instruments were doing, as with the one guitar which is playing a "dee-dot-doo;

dit-to-do, dit-to-do" rhythm over and over again.    This and about four other components were then manually written out with my

mouse over a set of chord changes I wanted, and the backup was laid down that way.      Once this was cloned out into a rather long

number of choruses, my virtual "Kid" could then play his improvised leads, and I did improvise them, in order, from beginning to end,

just as if I were playing them, but I was actually just imagining them and writing them down.      So there IS a real "Whiz Kid,"

except that I'm not black, I'm not blind, and I'm ESPECIALLY not young.       But I AM rocking out, and you can, too, if you listen in.

Key: D       Time signature: 4/4         Tempo: 128        Length: 160 measures        Time: 5 minutes, 03 seconds

Instruments: Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Resophonic Guitar, Bass

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Whiz Kid

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