-- Strongheart --

I didn't get this one right the first time; it was in dire need of improvement, as originally written in about 1995.  It sounded ponderous

and cluttered, and not until February of 2006 did I find the time to rewrite it.  I had to  remove all of that clutter, which happens when

you clone parts to save time in the composition process. Cloning is OKAY. There's very little music without repetition, reiteration,

and echoing.    But when something's repeated, it's a treat to hear it varied slightly, and in arrangements, duplication of effort by

more than one instrument for any other reason than layering sound INTENTIONALLY is a big "no-no" which I had violated.

Here, then, is the result of the rewrite, and it sounds much better.    I just turned one of my worst files into one of my best. 

Key:  C  minor       Time signature: 4/4      Tempo: 112       Length: 162 measures      Time: 5 minutes, 49 seconds

Instruments:  Clarinet, Viola, Jazz Guitar, Voice "Oohs," Hammond Organ, Vibraphone, Muted Electric Guitar,

Clavinet, Chorused Piano, Trombone, Tuba, Synth Brass 2, Steel Drums, Acoustic Bass, and Drums

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