-- Snowstorm In The Maritimes --

My good friend Shirley Engstrom, who lives in New Brunswick, asked me to write something about a snowstorm in the maritime provinces.

I couldn't say "no," now, could I?   The mallets sliding around on the marimba provide the blinding, driven snow....

the cheery, insistent music played despite the marimba noise hopefully represents hardy Canadians going about their tasks.

Some of those eight-foot in a day snowfalls in Labrador are unreal, if they aren't the worst in the world.

(I've heard that it can snow 20 feet in one day in the High Sierras, where no one in their right mind goes in Winter,)

so cheer up, Newfies, it could be worse, ha ha.  Probably will, sometime. Really, you have my sympathy.

Key: F       Time signature: 3/2      Tempo: 168      Length: 112 measures      Time: 4 minutes, 02 seconds

Instruments: Chorused Piano, Marimba, 7 (!) French Horns, Alto Sax, Vibes,

Hammond Organ, Trombone, 2 Ocarinas, Electric and Synth  Basses

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Snowstorm In The Maritimes

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