-- Six Rocks --

Jazz rock (sort of,) in 6/4 time. The "organ" is actually layered from four different patches.    The "jazz guitar"patch is actually

playing some jazz chords.    The "power drums" are pretty much as rockers use drums, despite the triple meter; the bass is ordinary.

By the way, for those of you who've never heard the term "patch," it's a word used by MIDI musicians to mean any particular

instrument sound.     That is, we hope that a "clarinet" patch actually sounds like a clarinet, but the patch is, usually, a "wavetable"

which provides numerical data to an electronic circuit called a "digital to analog converter," telling it what waves to generate.

Key:  F  minor       Time signature: 6/4      Tempo: 156       Length: 112 measures      Time: 4 minutes, 21 seconds

Instruments:  "Organ," (Made from Marimba, Lead 3 (Calliope Lead,) Slap Bass 2 out of range in the upper octaves, and Pizzicato Strings

transposed down an octave from the other 3 organ tracks.) Jazz Guitar, Trombone, Synth Bass 1, String Ensemble 1, Bass, and Drums

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Six Rocks

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