-- Sailor's Delight --

This tune is another that was written early on in my MIDI composing career with the help of "Band in a Box," which also has a "style" called "New Age." (See my comments on "Bossa the Woods" for the process, which was pretty much the same in this case.) I used to hear an occasional piece on FM station KINK in Portland that had this sort of bass and piano. I like the sound well enough that I used it, anyway. It starts with an opening which is restated, after which it's through-composed, never coming back to the beginning. The synthesizer-voiced melody WANDERS, which I guess is the preference of sailors. By the time I got done ironing out the rather difficult chord progression and fitting the melody onto it, I had a happy accident on my hands: a better tune than I ever intended to write; probably a better one than I have the ability to write, but here it is. Let's genuflect toward the hard-working author of Band in a Box and call this one "New Age," even though I really don't know what the perimeter of that genre is.

Key: A minor       Time signature: 4/4      Tempo: 90      Length: 96 measures      Time: 4 minutes, 24 seconds

Instruments: Pad 7 -   Halo (the lead voice,) Voice "Oohs," Grand Piano, and Fretless Electric Bass

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Sailor's Delight

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