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       Eddard.com's MP3 FILES        

  Announcing: a cautious trial of MP3 files for download on this website. 
           These are the three dozen most popular MIDI files I have on this site, recorded with my equipment.  
  These are recordings, not MIDI playback, so they will sound as I hear them at home.  

"Awakening From a Dream"

"Marching to Kashgar"

"Wind Chime Daydream"

"Swan Song"


"Secluded Garden"

"And the Italians Brought Rigatoni"


"Bart's Boogie"

"Six Rocks"

"Somebody To Love"

"Coyote's Reconnaissance"

"Lewis and Clark March"

"Sailor's Delight"




"Prelude in D"

"Fun House"

"Great Blue Heron Goes Fishing"

"Southeast Asian Venture"

"Ticket to Paradise"

"Shake the Popcorn"





"Fiddler's Fate"

"Persian Dance"

"The Dipsey Doodle Polka"


"Squash Patch"

"Community Waltz"

"The Natives Are Restless"

"Mirage 1"

"Mama Llama"

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