-- Fun House --

The very first piece of computer music I ever wrote--- in BASIC --- yep, BASIC, on my old PC Jr., which played it

through the computer's "speaker," (the one that beeped when you booted up from a floppy.)   The PC Jr. could play three

simultaneous voices  through that little inch and a half speaker, if you programmed it to do so.   I did,  and this tune,

intended to sound like Nintendo music, was the result.   I have since transcribed it to MIDI from the original BASIC, and

given it three kinda thin voices like it used to have, taking it no further so as not to compromise its historical meaning.

Key: C       Time signature: 4/4      Tempo: 188       Length: 88 measures      Time: 1 minute, 53 seconds

Instruments:   Clarinet, Ocarina, and Pan Flute

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Fun House

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