-- Bossa The Woods --

One of my earliest.    The rhythm of the back beat is pure "Band in a Box," which was one of the first programs I got, and since one of the

Band in a Box "styles" was "Bossa Nova," I tried my hand at writing a bossa nova, though I'm really not a Brazilian.    Based on what few

bossa nova tunes I know, I typed in the chords in a notation like "G6 - Ami7 - Dsus4 - F#maj7b5 --- the guitar chords I used to read for my

electrified baritone uke in dance band, back in high school, and kept tweaking them until I had a good progression played by Band-in-a-Box

as a Bossa Nova.     When that was done,  I saved what I had as a MIDI file,  opened it with Cakewalk,  and wrote a melody for it, went

through the automated parts correcting anything that was done stupidly by the Band-in-a-Box algorithm,  (such as jumping up for the V chord

and down for the IV because of the key you happen to be in; the basic flaws of automation..    It came out very well, but I wouldn't exactly

call it an inspired composition; more an exercise.    I did have to tell it what chords and write a melody,   but the music didn't come screaming

into my imagination as a coherent whole demanding to be written,  as with the bulk of what I've done in recent times.    I soon gave up on

Band In A Box.     It's a great way to write 400 songs in half a dozen styles that are not your own, and that isn't what I wanted to do.

Key: Eb      Time signature: 4/4       Tempo: 138      Length: 160 measures      Time: 4 minutes, 41 seconds

Instruments: Tenor Sax, Electric Bass, Rhodes Piano, and Trumpet

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Bossa The Woods

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