-- Blues 4 --

Sincerely imitative, and I'm pretty sure not to a copyright-infringing extent, of a (to my ear) wonderful album called "Reggae"

that Herbie Mann made with Mick Taylor, Albert Lee, and Pat Rebillot.    I wanted to capture what they captured on the

"Swingin' Shepherd Blues,"which here appears as only one of three alternative chord progressions,   minus the distinctive melody

which itself is really the "Swingin' Shepherd Blues."   This is a little faster and doesn't swing quite the same way, as it lacks the

heavy syncopation of the bass line characteristic of reggae, which they used.  There was no conscious direct quotation of Mann, et al;

I let the music write itself, in the sense of form flowing from function, as I suppose they did; and this is, after all "The Blues," a genre that

really can not be said to be within the jurisdiction of composers, anyway.    It's all been done before, it's a tradition; we all understand that, with

the possible exception of a few cranks with big egoes or lawyers with dreams of winning judgements.   I really did write EIGHTEEN choruses

of this thing, from scratch, one note at a time with a  computer mouse, and if I hadn't been trying to make it sound like Mann, Taylor, Lee,

and Rebillot,  I'd have had to find some other thing to try to make it sound like.     If you write really original music it's TOO DIFFERENT for

most ears, and you sure have a hell of a time putting it into "genre"classifications. (See "Other World")    And yes, it's "Blues."

Key: A      Time signature: 4/4      Tempo: 120      Length: 220 measures      Time: 7 minutes, 23 seconds

Instruments: Ocarina, Vibes, Rhodes Piano, Fiddle, Percussive Organ, Guitar, Koto, Kalimba, Fretless Electric Bass,

Electric Bass Guitar, Melodic Tom-toms, and Drums

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Blues 4