-- Awakening From A Dream --

 Do we really communicate much to others by labelling a tune with a "genre?"   In my mind, this is a "Spanish Waltz."   That's all you get,

and you may disagree vehemently.   I have to tattle on Mark Gensman, who said that this thing sounds like "The Return Of The Ten

Foot Navajo."  (That was funny, Mark.)   I love Spanish music in 3/4 time, but I've never really studied it formally, to learn the

terminology, just been very moved by what examples I've heard.   (Also see "Swan Song," on this album.)

 Key: A minor     Time signature: 3/4      Tempo: 100     Length: 208 measures     Time: 6 minutes, 16 seconds

Instruments: 3 French Horns, Acoustic Bass, Concert Harp, Classic Guitar, Grand Piano, and Drums

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Awakening From A Dream

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