-- And The Italians Brought Rigatoni --

It starts out fingerpicked very fast on a guitar, adds an ocarina and tambourine, then a bass, and eventually, we get to a loud, growling

electric organ. The chord progression is what used to be called "country blues," but the instrumentation doesn't fit that exactly, and

it's too fast to  really be a country blues.   If forced to the wall on naming a genre, I'd say this is "Rock," thereby disappointing

everyone who's looking for  more thrash metal, more Chuck Berry, or more of just about any kind of "rock" you ever heard.

Key:  A        Time signature:  4/4        Tempo:  128        Length:  168 measures         Time:  5 minutes, 17 seconds

Instruments:    Ocarina, Guitar, Bass, Organ, and Tambourine

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And The Italians Brought Rigatoni

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